30 September 2008

spending pennies

I purchased a few things on TradeMe tonight (sssh!) which I am very excited about. They are for an upcoming craft project so I cannot divulge yet! Cannot wait until they arrive in the mail.

This got me thinking of other great little finds and knick knacks I have come to acquire.... from TradeMe, from thrift stores, from markets and antiquey places.

~ Mr + Mrs Owl S & P Shakers ~

~ An Antique Shop Find ~

These two lovelies will do for now as I have many more to share later.

29 September 2008


After much nagging from my sister, I am now the proud little owner of my very first blog.
At first I thought it was a brilliant idea but was somewhat doubtful. Do I have time to make a blog? How do I start a blog? What would I write in this blog? Who would read what I wrote? More importantly, who would WANT to read what I wrote?
Such questions plagued my simple brain. But, after days and months of contemplation and 99% procrastination I decided, meh, I'll create one. Everyone else is having fun blogging so why can't I?

So here I begin... x