28 April 2010

my Hipsta life.

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This is inspired by Linzi's cute Hunter Valley post. I jumped on the bandwagon and downloaded the Hipstamatic app. straight away.

Instant Lomo-like satisfaction! Sorta like using my Holga, except the poor film isn't waiting for weeks to be developed. Oh dear. 

25 April 2010

happy anzac day.

May we not forget the brave Knights of Gallipoli and the sacrifice of those who die serving our country.

Image: Flickr

buy handmade.

Morning! Just letting you know I opened a felt shop the other day. You can find it here.

17 April 2010

inspiration kit :: garden party

You may have visited Random Kits & Pieces before. My sister is the brains behind this operation and to be completely honest I don't really lift a finger.

So I thought I'd try my hand at compiling some of my own kits (little sister copies big sister) with items I've collected from various places here and there. These kits are hand assembled by myself, with only the use of my unpredictable typewriter and trusty sewing machine. Oh, and computer to blog about this of course.

Garden party
. A mix of vintage book pages, paper, stickers, postage stamps, buttons and more.

Here is a quick example of what you might whip up with the contents of your kit, or you could use the items for other projects you might be working on.

A simple notecard.

For sale somewhere online very soon!

07 April 2010

the garden city.

more photos from christchurch...
1. Dining at The Fish & Chip Shop
2. Twizel
3. View from The Fish & Chip Shop
4. Alpine flowers at Lake Tekapo
5. Mackenzie Country
6. Lake Tekapo, from inside The Church of the Good Shepherd

04 April 2010

happy easter.

Whether easter to you means chocolate eggs, long sleep-ins or celebrating the death & resurrection of christ; I hope you are having a happy easter.

Image: weheartit.com

02 April 2010

smallest zine in the world

I'm not normally up at 3am but I somehow found myself out of bed and on the internets. I was cruising the Felt website (as I am inclined to shop at any hour) and this made me chuckle. In a good way of course.
"...since the zine is so small I need to make a little bit of packaging for it, otherwise it is far too easily lost. I lost this one several times while trying to stitch the binding!"

Love it! Makes me want to make my own zine... but maybe one not so little.

Smallest Zine in the world by Skulluxus, found here on Felt.