23 January 2011


Neëst is a cute french online store with pretty homewares. They also have a wee blog with beautiful pictures of day-to-day stuff, gorgeous home AND! Pompon, their adorable cat! I mean seriously, look at this one. Cuuutest thing ever, non?

Images: The Stir

05 January 2011

hello 2011.

Hello and a happy new year to everyone! How is 2011 treating you so far? I am in the last week of my holidays so trying to make the best of it. You know what it's like, frantically cramming all your summer holiday projects into 2 or 3 days because you left it so long. Also slowly retraining yourself to wake up earlier each day. Groan :)

It's new year resolution time! I thought I'd keep my 2011 list simple. I'll probably fail at each but God loves a trier.

Eat better. Less cheeseburgers. I may have already failed at this one, but I can't remember so it doesn't count. 

Exercise more. I am returning to the gym! I haven't officially signed on... but I will. Might need some nagging on this one.

Get into the garden. I grow herbs in our kitchen window and lettuce in pots. There are a few weedy spots though that I need to suss out. This year I will take command of my garden!

Spend more time with people I love & appreciate them more. Visit my friends. Play with my nieces and nephew(s). Totally cliche but life is short. And my loved ones are the closest thing to my heart.  

There are some other exciting happenings on the horizon but I'll keep them a surprise for later :)

Image: Jellicoe Park Christmas tree, Onehunga.