25 December 2011

Merry Wishes.

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope all you Kiwis have enjoyed the company of loved ones, have stuffed yourselves with delicious homemade food, napped a little then have filled up on the leftovers. Presents are a bonus! To everyone on the the other side of the world, I hope you wake to a beautiful day. Merry Chrismas!

26 November 2011

Pretty presents.

Eek, Christmas is nearly upon us! Aren't these pressies the sweetest? Simple and cute wrapping paper.

Via Darling Things

06 November 2011

Fisheye, NYC

Hope you're not getting sick of all the travel photos! Just say the word and I'll stop, promise. Here are some taken with our toy fisheye camera.

26 October 2011

Central Park, NYC

Central Park is a sanctuary from the craziness of the NYC. It's easy to forget you entered from a concrete jungle. We sat ourselves down with a lunch from Whole Foods. I had a delicious egg salad and a spinach, feta orzo salad which I am still obsessed with to this day. If you're interested, I found this recipe which comes pretty darn close. Also took a few too many photos of squirrels. Cheeky little buggers and certainly not shy!

Doing some kind of munted pirouette under a bridge :)

12 October 2011


Before our big trip to NYC we spent 2 nights at the happiest place on earth. And oh boy, they weren't kidding! We stayed at a Disneyland Resort Hotel (this one) and had a fantastic view of the park. Lots of walking (I used up all of my NYC bandaids - ouch!), AMAZING rides, Disney shopping and lots of photos. So much fun, I didn't want to leave. Definitely going back one day!  

07 October 2011

home again.

I have just returned from a trip to the craziest city in the world! So many photos to sift through so here are just a few for now. More to come!

13 September 2011

manhattan in motion.

Have you seen this? I got a bit teary when I first watched this. Just so beautiful.
Watch it larger on the youtube site :)

30 August 2011

opshop cushions.

I paid a long overdue visit to a good friend recently and she took me to all her local opshops. I found these cute cushion covers which have been lovingly handmade. One pumpkin orange with patchwork and the other woven baby blue. They are unusual sizes so I haven't found any inners for them yet. Just for you I have temporarily stuffed them with singlets and t-shirts from my drawers, which I guess I will need to refold after this is done (never thought of that...) 

Hope you are all having a lovely week!

27 August 2011

thank you.

To everyone who purchased a par avion paper kit via Felt or directly from me. I will be putting through the donations to the Red Cross this weekend. I am sure Christchurch will appreciate the help!

Image: via Pinterest

04 August 2011

closet visit.

Here's a little site I have been visiting for the last few months or so. I quite like a peek into other peoples lives and wardrobes. Makes up for the lack of interest in my own clothing dept. There are a few of my faves below. Hope you are all still out there and keeping well!

All photos from closetvisit.com

19 June 2011

The Stylist's Guide to NYC.

My first Book Depository order arrived yesterday. The Stylist's Guide to NYC by Sibella Court!
The book is hardcover and has a small pull-out map in the front. It also has a handy pocket in the back, kind of like a Moleskine where you can put those bus tickets & fancy named serviettes (I know you keep those!). It has small, handy sections on Scents & Flower Merchants, Oddities & Curiosities, Jewellery & Hardware, Haberdashery & Handmade, Drapers & Upholstery, Art & Objects, Paper & Art Supplies (my fave), Kitchen & Table Paraphernalia and Furniture & Interiors.

Sibella gives tips and suggested itineraries with 'loops of interest'. A pretty little guide that will have you oohing and ahhing at all the fascinating pictures. Mmm love the smell of the manila/recycled pages too. A must for any adventure to the Big Apple! 

17 May 2011

india block printing.

This is amazing for anyone interested in printmaking. Such skill! Watch it here.

09 May 2011

afternoon tea.

I invited my mum, sister, sister-in-law (all mums) and my three nieces to a special mother's day afternoon tea at my house. We had mini cupcakes with lemon icing, macarons, asparagus rolls, sammies, sausage rolls, chicken nibbles, pinwheels and cups of tea. Just the ladies, although a sneaky uncle and cute lil two-month old nephew turned up later to eat some leftovers. Hope all the mums out there had a fantastic day of hugs & treats!

18 April 2011

the weekend.

Do you sometimes feel like you need another weekend to get over the weekend just been? This weekend was sort of a write off. I stayed out till 3.30am on a girls night out and didn't quite recover from it. Yep. Getting older. Oh, and I went to karaoke at the R.S.A the next night too. Ha! Wow, talk about party animal.

More excitedly I did catch a lot of cool music on the Coachella livestream on Youtube. I watched Interpol late on Saturday night and Arcade Fire last night. Uh, how cool was Arcade Fire?! Pretty fantastic I say.

Image: Google.

05 April 2011

bill cunningham ny.

I totally missed this last year at the International Film Festival. Fortunately, we were able to catch it on Sunday as part of the World Cinema Showcase 2011. It was such a heartfelt documentary. Bill is such an enthusiastic, honest character with seemingly endless amounts of energy for a man his age. He has such a good eye for fashion and individual style. So inspiring. It made me laugh and in other moments it made me cry. If you're in Auckland you still have time to catch it this Thursday and again on April 12. It will also be showing later in the month in Wellington and Dunedin, in May. Info here.

Images: Google.

18 March 2011

help Japan.

I finally purchased the Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine from Uguisu about a month ago. It's filled with adorable packaging ideas and lots of pretty pictures to satisfy a gift wrapping nut like myself. Thankfully both ladies are alive and well following the huge earthquake in Japan last week. My heart is breaking for everyone there. To help, you can buy a digital copy of the zine for only $5 and all proceeds go to the Red Cross. Uguisu is also donating 80% of all sales to the Red Cross Japan.

10 March 2011

i do.

Last weekend we attended our friends wedding at Piha. The ceremony was on the beach and then just when it began to rain we escaped under the marquee for food, music & dancing. Below my lovely new vintage sandals from the cute The Bread & Butter Letter. Although truth be told I was walking around in bare feet most of the day. My cheeks were kinda sore afterwards from all the smiles. What a beautiful day.

08 March 2011

par avion.

I have a new kit for sale, inspired by all things airmail and other miscellaneous paper things and labels. Just a bunch of cute stuff really, including airmail twine!

It will be on sale Thursday in my Felt shop. I will be donating $10 from every kit to the NZ Red Cross Christchurch Appeal in wake of the February 22 earthquake. Each kit will also come with a used vintage Red Cross postage stamp as a little 'thank you' to donating to such a worthy cause.

We <3 you Christchurch! Wishing you hope and happier days ahead.