31 May 2009


As promised, I am giving away a few paper goodies! Never done this before so here goes nothing...

These are some blank postcard sheets. All you need is a postage stamp, a pen and some imagination. I have 5 sheets of white and 5 sheets of lime to giveaway to one lucky blog reader.

Simply leave a comment with an answer to this question.

Which do you prefer: snail mail or e-mail?

Stay tuned as I will be listing some of my own postcards on etsy very soon!

Will draw one lucky reader this time next week xx

28 May 2009

back from the dead

Long time no blog! Would love to give an insanely great reason as to why I have been absent to make you all jealous but the truth is there is none! Boring huh?

Will blog again this long weekend! Plus, some paper goodies to giveaway from the overflowing RK&P cupboards. Stay tuned!

Ps. I am now on twitter! If you are too, lets be friends. You can find me here.

13 May 2009


You have probably seen this before, but I couldn't resist. Too cute!

09 May 2009

rainy day survival items

For all you Aucklanders out there, what a wacky weather day huh?
Nothing new.. nothing new... I hear you say.
Wish I had a pair of these boots...

Rainy day survival items
...and umbrella. Have you ever seen a heart shaped umbrella?!

03 May 2009

there's no place like home

Home sweet home! We had a fantastic trip with lots to see and do. Hope you have had a pleasant weekend.