29 June 2010

losing streak.

I've been feeling a bit sad face these last few weeks. I'm normally very optimistic but I've been feeling a little bummed out for no good reason. So tonight I turned on my electric blanket, put on my Mickey Mouse jumper and reassured myself that I wouldn't be swallowed up by a whale. 
Images: Things We Forget

28 June 2010


Drexel's is an American style breakfast restaurant in Christchurch. It is always must visit for our stomachs when we are in town! You are seated in tall, black leather booths, very American diner style. All meals are served with toast, whipped butter and jam, which is a delight in itself. The handmade hash browns are my absolute favourite, which they make daily from scratch. The service is also very pleasant. Just remember to book ahead as it's insanely popular on the weekends. 

10 June 2010

robin's egg.

yep, torturing myself again on the Urban Outfitters website. here we have the jet set storage bench in robin's egg tweed. i'd buy it purely for the colour name (robin's egg, cute!)imagine it in velvet... i'll take one please!

08 June 2010

winter sale.

i'm having a little winter clearance sale of my pretend postcards! i'll be listing them here and there during the next week so come along and visit my etsy store. each is one of a kind and handmade. the link is other there, down a bit, to the right!


i have been fortunate lately to win these lovely creations from fellow crafty friends. thanks to jess (bam bam creative) & bronwyn (r.w. scissors) for my "little birdie told me" brooch & hair badge. they are prettying up my notice board for the time being. 

06 June 2010

rainy long weekend.

It has been a pretty miserable day weather wise. This morning I attempted to tidy up my work space. Here are a few snaps of my desk & the view from my window.