23 July 2010

the envelope project.

I read about The Envelope Project atleast 4 or more weeks ago on the Meet Me At Mikes blog. The idea is to send in a cute envelope filled with anything small and sweet - stickers, clippings from magazines, ribbon, paper goods etc etc. The lovely envelopes will be displayed in their shop front and at the end of the project one lucky person will win all the contents of each package. WOW! How exciting. I guess that's why they asked to keep it light, since they have to forward the whole lot on!

I only just got my A into G and posted mine off the other day. I found it hard to close my little envelope so had to double tape it shut. Let's hope it doesn't bust open in transit. And fingers crossed it gets there in time. Please be kind (and speedy!) Mr. Postman. 

nearly complete...

22 July 2010


foxes, a new online shop filled with the best local art, craft and design opens this weekend! i am super excited to log on come Sunday and check out what's on offer. 

check out their site here.

l-r: bam bam creative, ethel & harriet, victoria n' bird, cara c, dear colleen

photos: foxes facebook page

18 July 2010

knick knacks.

I picked these up at the Mt Eden Antique Fair last month. Tiny packaged food stuffs and a little Native American in a frame. Love the little bottle of sesame seeds and the apple box really opens!