27 November 2009

Have Yourself A Handmade Christmas.

I have a stall at Kraftbomb this Sunday the 29th November 2009. There will be an assorted of talented crafters so hope that you'll be able to drop by and pick up some handmade presents for Christmas. I plan to buy handmade this year and I have been real successful in my shopping so far, picking up things from various markets and even the Trade Aid store.

Here's a sampling of what I'll have on the day.

+ Button cards. I have lots of buttons and am not much of a sewer so thought I'd sell them for others to enjoy. Bows, owls, flowers... something for everyone.

+ Pretend postcards. These debuted many moons ago at the last Kraftbomb I attended. I say "pretend" because the postage stamps on them are already used, but they come with a cream coloured envelope to pop them in. I have slowly amassed a collection of vintage stamps from around the world and I have put some of the prettiest on these cards.

+ Hanging Owlies, a Purrsie staple. Hand stitched with love, great for the Christmas tree or any where you want to hang a little cute. This is the last of the bunch as I have run out of their large vintage button eyes. These little lovers will be there with some of their mates and then you might see them no more!

See you Sunday! x

23 November 2009

Early Surprises

I have been opening quite a few Christmas presents lately, but not because I have been busting to, but because the person giving them could not keep them a secret!

I received two books from my Amazon wishlist, Handmade Nation:
The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design and The Boss of You: Everything A Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business.

But my favourite by far, "Stormfront" a 5 colour screen print by my all time favourite cool dude Jim Houser. I blogged about him a while back. And print number 12/100! Woo! Fresh from the framers it is now sitting pretty in the lounge.

15 November 2009

Craft Market Mad

Craft markets have been popping up all over Auckland and I just can't keep up.

Marc and I went along to the very first Love Handmade market this weekend at the Rose Centre, Belmont. We saw our good (and very sleepy) friend Richard of Podgypanda and it was so nice to finally meet Jess of BamBamCreative and Kylie of Skipapple and see their crafts in person. I purchased up some lovely items from both but can't share as they are potential Christmas presents.

I also picked up some neat hand cut stickers from Ferrit for $1 each. I adore kraft paper and bows so this was a win win for me.

The next Love Handmade market is on the 12th of December.

And if you are on Twitter, lets be friends.