28 April 2009

thank you

Need to be at the airport by 5am and my bag isn't packed yet so this will be a quick one!

A big thank you to all who visited my table at Kraftbomb on Sunday. I had an enjoyable day and it was good to see so many brave the rain. My postcards were well received, phew! Six postcards and two owlies are off to new homes, hopefully bringing much enjoyment. A modest days income I know, heh, but I'm not shy to share such information. Making sales is a bonus to me! I love to be creative and meet with like minded individuals.

Oh, mustn't forget to pack my Holga. Will try bring back some blog worthy pics.

25 April 2009

love, paper

Loving this roll of vintage textured paper we found. I have put it on the back of my "pretend postcards" which I will have for sale tomorrow at KB. Pick up a piece of the trim in blue in the latest Odds N Ends kit, here at Random Kits & Pieces!

Have a great weekend! x

22 April 2009

one of each please!

a trip to the city

In seven sleeps time I am off to Sydney for a brief adventure! Can't wait to hit the shops and take a heap of photos. Here is my second polyvore collage. And here is my first attempt incase you missed it. Seriously, addictive. They need a rotate tool though...

20 April 2009

hoot, hoot!

I am making some "pretend" postcards for Kraftbomb using a variety of old postage stamps. I had a look on TradeMe at the postage stamp listings and found this stamp in a set for sale. Cute huh? Check out his charming friend here.

*Pic from Whitman Publishing

17 April 2009

Nostalgic baking

------- * -------

Cream-filled sponges, ginger kisses, lamingtons, custard squares, chocolate ├ęclairs, club sandwiches and sausage rolls... Am I making anyone hungry yet?

I spotted this scrumptious book in Borders tonight and couldn't resist sharing.
This book is full of traditional recipes for home-made biscuits, slices and cakes - to name a few. Recipes for tasty gems your Mum and Nana whipped up in the oven!

I've taken a real shine to baking lately, biscuits in particular. I just find it so satisfying and it beats supermarket bikkies and cakes any day! Maybe I need this book?

Have a great weekend. More interesting stuff to share later, promise! x

In other news, I will be at Kraftbomb next weekend. PANIC ALERT! I only just found out so was stalling until now. I will most likely be solo this time so must immediately make, make, make!

* Ladies, A Plate: Traditional Home-baking by Alexa Johnston. Pic from Penguin

13 April 2009

happy easter :: part two...

Gotta love long weekends!
This Easter weekend I have ...

:: Been drinking lots of green tea. Yum.

:: Attended a wedding. Ah, love.

:: Been busy baking and icing gingerbread bunnies and lovehearts. Two whole batches have been devoured by hungry family members!

:: Been crafting. Love my nana knit cardy, keeps me super warm.

:: Been admiring my $2 paper napkins. Love the pattern!

:: Enjoyed organic cheese on crackers. Haven't had cheese on crackers in far too long!

:: Found my Moleskine Cahier kraft notebooks I thought I lost. I think they look so cute bundled up in a ribbon.

Hope you have enjoyed quality time with friends and loved ones x

10 April 2009

happy easter :: part one

I felt like doing a "cute" post of easter bunnies and kittens but was swamped for choice! Instead here is a vintage 1920's easter ephemera wreath. Gorgeous huh?

More easter cuteness to come!

Flickr pic by treasured heirlooms

01 April 2009

easter cookies

Mmm mmm! These easter cookies are making my mouth water. Love the pretty pastel colours.

The Jewels of New York
(and check out the recipe section for beautiful food and photography)