13 April 2009

happy easter :: part two...

Gotta love long weekends!
This Easter weekend I have ...

:: Been drinking lots of green tea. Yum.

:: Attended a wedding. Ah, love.

:: Been busy baking and icing gingerbread bunnies and lovehearts. Two whole batches have been devoured by hungry family members!

:: Been crafting. Love my nana knit cardy, keeps me super warm.

:: Been admiring my $2 paper napkins. Love the pattern!

:: Enjoyed organic cheese on crackers. Haven't had cheese on crackers in far too long!

:: Found my Moleskine Cahier kraft notebooks I thought I lost. I think they look so cute bundled up in a ribbon.

Hope you have enjoyed quality time with friends and loved ones x

1 comment:

  1. oh cute post Bee! I totally love your lil' crafty things:-)