28 March 2009

I can't stop being foolish

From the new album Screens by The Mint Chicks (I am listening to it now and I am very much enjoying). Some of the scenes in this video were shot at the Winter Gardens in the Auckland Domain, which is a pretty rad place too. The giant owl makes this video all kinds of awesome, even made me chuckle the first time I saw it. I mean, who doesn't like owls?!

25 March 2009

kraftbomb : 29 march '09

It's that time again. We won't be there selling this month (aw! my fault) but if you are in the Auckland area be sure to pay a visit and get your monthly dose of krafty goodness.

tomorrow is a new day...

beautiful flickr pic by manda

If your today sucked, have hope in a better tomorrow.

nite nite xo

18 March 2009

Honey Mustard Chicken Pot Pie

Is there anything better than scrumptious food made with love? Heh. Get a load of this.
I came home to this ... this... pie! Hubby and I don't normally get to share week night dinners together (he works lates) so it was such a treat to come home to a cooked dinner! Never in a million years did I imagine this would be waiting for me in the oven. But it was delicious! He googled the recipe. And he even put a little heart on it. Heh. Bless.

We are off to Coldplay tonight. Getting very excited as they are one of my fave bands!

16 March 2009

polyvore love

sweet love
Have you heard about polyvore.com?
I stumbled across it sometime ago on the www and saw a post again today on someones blog. It looked like fun so I thought, meh, and I had myself a little go. See above is my first attempt at creating a collage which I have called "sweet love". Aaahh. To see a breakdown of the goods see here.

Check out their blog to see the pro's at work. Makes my attempt look rather feeble! Hee hee.

Here is one of my faves by ambersmithsonian
Boy how long did this take to whip up? And how kitschy is that owl glasses case?!
double trouble
double trouble - by ambersmithsonian on Polyvore.com

Give it a go and let me know where I can find yours x

10 March 2009

go live!

My etsy shop is alive and open! I only have 2 products in there at the moment, with a modest 5 views in total (which probably includes my own 3 views? hehe).

I hope to take some more pics of stuff and add them to the shop this weekend.

Come visit here.

How is your week going?


05 March 2009

take you on a cruise

Photos by Ann Wood Handmade

When your boring everyday life gets you down wouldn't it be nice to just sail away?

Super cute paper mache sailboats by Ann Wood Handmade.