28 February 2010

Tweet, Tweet

Just a few pics I have "tweeted" in the last few days. I have a few stock piled up so I mustn't forget to share them with you blog readers. And if we aren't already Twitter friends please join me here.

Left: Some thrifty finds. The Marvellous Matches by Friedrich Feld 1951 and Vintage Hankerchiefs, only .10c each. What's .10c these days?!

Right: Quick lunchtime picnic with my Mum. Sante biscuits I made packaged in kraft window bags. Available to purchase here.

Art & Cupcakes

Earlier in the month I attended the Tigerbuttah opening night at the High Seas.

The art was amazing! If you haven't already visited the site of the extremely talented Becky & Frank you can find it here. Can't wait to see the Tigerbuttah book!


I also had my first red velvet cupcake. I had heard about these before and this mini-version lived up to the hype. So good! Loved the light blue frosting too. I sometimes find that cupcakes look too pretty (or sweet) to eat, as crazy as that sounds but this little portion was just perfect. 

16 February 2010

Typewriter Gocco Print for sale!

I have finally listed my Typewriter Gocco print. Check it out in my etsy store, here!

Everyone having a good week? I have just returned from the dentist. Ouch teeth. Ouch bank account. 

13 February 2010

be my valentine...

Food treats are a completely acceptable gift of love in our household. They don't break the bank but they fill up our tums. Perfect, no?

So I have baked him chocolate brownies and I will get breakfast in bed. 

Happy Valentines lovers.

Pic from weheartit.com

Auckland Craft Collective

The Auckland Craft Collective website went live last month. I've been following the progress on Twitter and it's so very exciting to see everything finally taking shape!

Starting in March the lovely ladies (Jess & Kylie) are organizing monthly meetings designed to help grow and nurture your crafting business. There will be guest speakers with lots of expert advice so definitely worth signing up for!

The first evening is on the 18th of March 2010 at the Ponsonby Community Centre, Auckland, 7.30-9.30pm. 

Check out the Auckland Craft Collective website for more info. I think they've done a rad job on the website, don't you?

08 February 2010

Peachy Keen

I signed up to do a fresh flower arranging evening course at our local college. I love fresh flowers but am clueless at how to arrange them properly. Aren't these so pretty and inspiring? I love peach and blush tones.

Flowers by Joy Thigpen

01 February 2010


I was browsing through Mag Nation in Sylvia Park the other day when I came across some beautiful stationery by O-CHECK DESIGN GRAPHICS.

I love the simple nature of their product shots and how generous they are with the number of each.
They have an online shop which is mainly in Korean but there are plenty of pretty pictures to keep you satisfied.

The rabbit sticker sheets remind me of some printed envelopes I had as a child and I am in much need of that kraft note pad!