01 February 2010


I was browsing through Mag Nation in Sylvia Park the other day when I came across some beautiful stationery by O-CHECK DESIGN GRAPHICS.

I love the simple nature of their product shots and how generous they are with the number of each.
They have an online shop which is mainly in Korean but there are plenty of pretty pictures to keep you satisfied.

The rabbit sticker sheets remind me of some printed envelopes I had as a child and I am in much need of that kraft note pad!


  1. oh god, how cute are these!! Makes me want to start my own stationary collection. There's a thought. :P

  2. What do you mean! You don't already have one?!

  3. ooh I love this stuff! Found a fancy stationery shop in Melbourne that bunches of O-Check stuff and spent ages oogling over it all, nearly purchased some of those tags in jars from IkoIko too, then realised I could DIY some... that was before xmas, still haven't!

  4. The tags in the jar were what caught my eye too! I think I would absolutely love Melbourne...