27 October 2008

my very first Kraftbomb

My sister Nie and I had a lot of fun at our first Kraftbomb yesterday. The morning rain was a bit of a pain but it brightened up around noon and it turned out to be a glorious day. I sold a couple of manila bird cards, gift tags and felt owls, but not as much as I had hoped. All good experience though!

Met some really nice people and I knew a few of the other vendors so that was nice. I found that time passed quite quickly and I didn't get a chance to see what everyone else was selling! Overall, an excellent day and well worth the time and effort.

And... on returning home I received a very nice surprise. Gemmy, a gorgeous owl by Becky, who was selling her amazing art at Kraftbomb. Adorable!

19 October 2008

october is...

...is orange and red and brown.
See the leaves all tumble down!
Rake them up into piles so high
You can jump in them, and flop, and lie.
Now the farmer harvests his hay.
The barn is filled, And every day is growing shorter.
We have to wait the whole long month for spooky HalloweƩn.
What are you going to be? A ghost? A witch?
Or a queen?

from Merry Months of The Year,
Patricia Scarry.

I'm not into Halloween myself but thought I'd share these cute illustrations from a Richard Scarry book!

Another cute thing... Pumpkin Owls! I saw this on a Martha Stewart podcast and thought this was a nifty idea. I am unsure of where you could get perfect pumpkins like these in NZ though! You can download the free podcast from the iTunes store.

12 October 2008

sunny days

Today has been so lovely and warm. I can't wait for summer!

On sunny days I like to take my Holga out. If you have no idea what a Holga is, it is a medium format camera. It looks and feels like it could be a toy, but it produces these fantastic, sometimes slightly blurred, dreamy shots. With every click you never know what you will get! I love digital cameras but for me there is a certain charm using a manual film camera.
Having to adjust and wind from frame to frame just makes me more aware of what I am actually doing - and capturing. I remember my Mum having an old camera with a flash you attached that looked like little icetrays!

If you want to learn more, click
here. But, beware. You may become addicted!

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite pics I have taken with my Holga. I don't take the little gem out as much as I should, but I will endeavour to this summer.

I would love to own every single camera of the lomographic family. I think a Diana might be next... x

06 October 2008

october Kraftbomb!

I will be there! Will you?

Hope to meet lots of other crafty people and buy a few Christmas presents. Or presents for myself!

martha + me

I've been at home today feeling not so great. It's pouring down with rain outside so I am having a lovely time sitting in bed surfing the web.

I found myself looking on Martha Stewart where I came across these pretty pictures of Minhee + Truman Cho's school themed wedding. The pair have a design company called paper + cup which I stumbled across some months back and quickly saved to my favourites. I love the "report card" style stationery, which all slots into a little manila folder. Great idea!

I love weddings and how they can reflect the personalities and quirks of each couple. I am hoping as my friends and I get older I will be invited to a whole lot more of them!

And that last pic is for a special someone who is obsessed with paper bags. Heh. x

All pics courtesy of Martha Stewart.com.
You can view the whole set of Minhee + Truman's pics here.