19 October 2008

october is...

...is orange and red and brown.
See the leaves all tumble down!
Rake them up into piles so high
You can jump in them, and flop, and lie.
Now the farmer harvests his hay.
The barn is filled, And every day is growing shorter.
We have to wait the whole long month for spooky HalloweƩn.
What are you going to be? A ghost? A witch?
Or a queen?

from Merry Months of The Year,
Patricia Scarry.

I'm not into Halloween myself but thought I'd share these cute illustrations from a Richard Scarry book!

Another cute thing... Pumpkin Owls! I saw this on a Martha Stewart podcast and thought this was a nifty idea. I am unsure of where you could get perfect pumpkins like these in NZ though! You can download the free podcast from the iTunes store.