06 October 2008

martha + me

I've been at home today feeling not so great. It's pouring down with rain outside so I am having a lovely time sitting in bed surfing the web.

I found myself looking on Martha Stewart where I came across these pretty pictures of Minhee + Truman Cho's school themed wedding. The pair have a design company called paper + cup which I stumbled across some months back and quickly saved to my favourites. I love the "report card" style stationery, which all slots into a little manila folder. Great idea!

I love weddings and how they can reflect the personalities and quirks of each couple. I am hoping as my friends and I get older I will be invited to a whole lot more of them!

And that last pic is for a special someone who is obsessed with paper bags. Heh. x

All pics courtesy of Martha Stewart.com.
You can view the whole set of Minhee + Truman's pics here.

1 comment:

  1. Me me me!!

    Its a pic for me:):)

    *S W O O N* I adore paperbags..but you already knew that..heehee:)

    Love the report card wedding invites..soooo clever!!!