29 December 2010

plus one.

My birthday came and went earlier this month. A year older, I'm on the verge of the big three-zero, eeek! Will be purposely keeping birthdays hush hush from now. Ha! I'm sure it isn't as devastating as it sounds (apologies to any wonderful thirty year old readers.) I'm kinda succeeding at keeping the wrinkles at bay so I don't I'm doing too badly. No one would believe it. Right?? :)

Anyway on the day itself I worked, something I haven't done for the last 4 or 5 years. But the 8 hours suffered during the day was quickly redeemed with a hilarious night at Tanuki's Cave, which more than made up for it.

A pic from the night (love this sign at the entrance of Aotea Square) and just a few of the beautiful pressies I received. The Karen Walker Wooden Acorn & Leaf pendant was a beautiful replacement for all the other necklaces I lost in our recent burglary. Adore the wooden acorn!

01 December 2010


As promised, here are some snaps from my recent trip to Samoa. The five days there flew by; our time was spent eating fresh mango and pineapple for breakfast, shopping at the markets, swimming in beautiful tropical waters, sipping from fresh coconuts, relaxing body scrubs and massages and bumpy tour rides. It also included food poisoning but I'm well recovered and food is my friend again! Where to next?