31 March 2010

typewriter necklace

It's no secret that I love typewriters. How charming is this little necklace? 

Available here in ReneeLoughlin's etsy store. 

28 March 2010

furniture lust.

I am busily torturing myself by perusing the Urban Outfitters website. It's bad enough we don't have IKEA in New Zealand. How's a girl supposed to furnish her pad on a modest budget? Especially when everyone outbids her on Trademe (damn you other fellow lovers of mid-century design). 

Here are a few of my Apartment section faves from UO. I dare not browse the Women's clothing pages. My heart cannot take anymore.

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I very much enjoy taking a trip to the bakery on the weekend to pick up a little sweet or savoury something.

Sometimes I like to surprise myself and pick something out of the usual. I had a french tuna bun the other weekend. It was a little round bun with tuna and mayonnaise inside it, sorta closed at the top like it had been baked in. My companion gave me odd stares but when I bit into it I was amazed at how delicious it was! Sorry no pics, but take my word, it was deeeelicious.

We went to the bakery this morning and there was only one fresh cream roll left. So we had to half it. It actually tasted nicer that way. 

21 March 2010


On Thursday I had iLASIK surgery so I am still adjusting to my new eyes. Everything appears a little cloudy or misty at the moment but I hear this is normal and it may take days if not weeks for everything to settle into place. But WOW, I can see! I find myself constantly touching my face to re-adjust my glasses or before bed attempt to remove my contacts. Silly me! It is rather strange that I'll have to shake these habits. The whole procedure was painless and over in a jiffy and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering it. 

Image: Gemma Correll  

16 March 2010

Beautiful Break

We just returned from a 4-day break in beautiful Christchurch. I picked up a few things over the course of our trip. And I really do mean A FEW. I had planned a weekend of crazy-mad shopping but it didn't really eventuate due to lack of time and largely due to my general fussiness (is that even a word?)

I found a perfectly yellowed copy of "The Swiss Family Robinson"
Only .99c from SaveMart.

A floral cotton duvet cover in as new condition. 

$2 from a huge Recycled Clothing Warehouse in Ferrymead, which I have visited once before. I'm pretty sure every item there is only $2.


Cute badges from DUSK
. The lovely lady that served me told me who the creator was but I have since forgotten. Would be interested to know if anyone out there recognises these. The little store is adorable and the vintage wood cash register was too cute for words!
Thanks to Freedom Creative for recommending the visit!