21 March 2010


On Thursday I had iLASIK surgery so I am still adjusting to my new eyes. Everything appears a little cloudy or misty at the moment but I hear this is normal and it may take days if not weeks for everything to settle into place. But WOW, I can see! I find myself constantly touching my face to re-adjust my glasses or before bed attempt to remove my contacts. Silly me! It is rather strange that I'll have to shake these habits. The whole procedure was painless and over in a jiffy and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering it. 

Image: Gemma Correll  


  1. you are sooooooo lucky! I've been following Tee on nzgirl get it done and i almost cried when watching her video! http://nzgirl.co.nz/healthfitness/newyearneweyes

    :-) congrats on the new you!

  2. Thanks Sarah!
    Funnily enough I found Tee's blog the night before my surgery. Wish I had found it earlier!

  3. ah yes, that might be a problem for me as well...trying to adjust my imaginary glasses once they were off. At least you can see the world in a whole new light without being behind a lens. Grats!