16 March 2010

Beautiful Break

We just returned from a 4-day break in beautiful Christchurch. I picked up a few things over the course of our trip. And I really do mean A FEW. I had planned a weekend of crazy-mad shopping but it didn't really eventuate due to lack of time and largely due to my general fussiness (is that even a word?)

I found a perfectly yellowed copy of "The Swiss Family Robinson"
Only .99c from SaveMart.

A floral cotton duvet cover in as new condition. 

$2 from a huge Recycled Clothing Warehouse in Ferrymead, which I have visited once before. I'm pretty sure every item there is only $2.


Cute badges from DUSK
. The lovely lady that served me told me who the creator was but I have since forgotten. Would be interested to know if anyone out there recognises these. The little store is adorable and the vintage wood cash register was too cute for words!
Thanks to Freedom Creative for recommending the visit!


  1. Awww, thanks for the mention, and it's no problem! I'm glad you enjoyed Christchurch. :)

  2. Sniff sniff, damn I miss op-shopping! Hurray for your awesome finds love! xox