30 August 2011

opshop cushions.

I paid a long overdue visit to a good friend recently and she took me to all her local opshops. I found these cute cushion covers which have been lovingly handmade. One pumpkin orange with patchwork and the other woven baby blue. They are unusual sizes so I haven't found any inners for them yet. Just for you I have temporarily stuffed them with singlets and t-shirts from my drawers, which I guess I will need to refold after this is done (never thought of that...) 

Hope you are all having a lovely week!

27 August 2011

thank you.

To everyone who purchased a par avion paper kit via Felt or directly from me. I will be putting through the donations to the Red Cross this weekend. I am sure Christchurch will appreciate the help!

Image: via Pinterest

04 August 2011

closet visit.

Here's a little site I have been visiting for the last few months or so. I quite like a peek into other peoples lives and wardrobes. Makes up for the lack of interest in my own clothing dept. There are a few of my faves below. Hope you are all still out there and keeping well!

All photos from closetvisit.com