28 June 2009

hiding inside

It is a cold, miserable and rainy Sunday. The day started off with Michael Jackson music videos on youtube and a quick trip to the mall. Now I have no desire to venture back outside. I feel like rolling myself up in some cuddly blankets and having a wee nap! The result of too many sausage rolls and cups of tea I think.

Normally grey days aren't the best for photo taking, but here are a few from around my house. Hop over here to create your own. Hope you are keeping warm and healthy x

20 June 2009

postage stamp crazy

My latest obsession is postage stamps (nerd!) and in particular the bird variety. It all started a year or so ago when I designed and made our wedding stationery, which had sort of a bird theme (I must have a picture somewhere so will dig it out if you wanna see). I used the old NZ 1991 45c Rock Wren and 5c Spotless Crake on the RSVP envelopes and couldn't get enough of them. I was obsessed with bird stamps! Recently I started using them on some postcards I have been making.

Now I have been on the hunt for these Haiti bird stamps ever since I received one in a mixed lot of used stamps I bought so imagine my joy when I found this wee collection of 56 on eBay. What a find! I had no idea they would be in mint condition too so now I am hesitant to use them. They are sooo pretty!

These came all the way from India and cost me 175 Rupees which is around $6 NZ. Bargain!

14 June 2009

vintage childrens' illustration art blocks

Are you all having a nice weekend? The sun is peering out through the rainclouds and streaming in through my living room blinds, so I am enjoying it while it lasts! Yesterday I made this for my little niece who turns one in August.
I purchased the art block below by Cheek Pinchy* about a year ago at Craftwerk Auckland and was instantly inspired to make my own. I am totally in love with illustrations by Richard Scarry so I started tearing up a 1970's copy of his Best Story Book Ever that I picked up for $3. I normally would treasure a find like this but it was already falling apart and had come loose at the spine!
artwork by Cheek Pinchy
It is really fun and such a cute, fast way to make art. All you need are some old childrens books, an X-acto knife (best ever for fine cutting!), cutting mat, stretched canvas blocks (I used a small 4"x4" black canvas by Das from Geoffs Emporium. They aren't the best quality so I'll probably look elsewhere next time) and glue (I used Mod Podge Gloss Lustre to stick the cut-outs down and as a seal all over the canvas).
putting it all together...
the finished product
Might get started on another one for a certain other little cutie named Jorja ...

*Couldn't find a website or blog for Cheek Pinchy but you can find Kirsten's work on toggle

* Updated Note: I know artists & craftsters are sensitive about their creations and I do not want people to think I am stealing an idea. Just wanted to make it clear that
I was merely inspired by my lovely purchase and that by no means do I intend to produce and sell these! Thanks *

08 June 2009

postcard giveaway - winner

Lianne it is your lucky day! Email me so I can snail mail you your postcards.
Thanks to everyone who entered! x

06 June 2009

printing by hand

Look what the mailman brought me today. Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin! I have been waiting ever so patiently for this book to arrive. For a long time now I have been fascinated by all the hand printed cards, stationery, cushions, fabrics and totes (to name a few) seen on etsy and at craft fairs. It is something I have always admired but have never really given a go. I even tried to win myself a Gocco on Trade Me once, but my humble bid got trampled in a wild last minute bidding frenzy. And I couldn't justify spending so much money on a new one. So I am hoping this little book will teach me a thing or two about printing DIY style, with handmade rubber stamps and stencils. And I may even try to whip up a few designs for a silk screen. We'll see.

Here are a few pics from the lovely book...

I purchased my copy through GoodBooks.

Hope you are having a happy weekend!

Ps. Don't forget about my postcard giveaway! You still have a few days to enter. And don't forget to leave your email address incase you are the lucky winner!