20 June 2009

postage stamp crazy

My latest obsession is postage stamps (nerd!) and in particular the bird variety. It all started a year or so ago when I designed and made our wedding stationery, which had sort of a bird theme (I must have a picture somewhere so will dig it out if you wanna see). I used the old NZ 1991 45c Rock Wren and 5c Spotless Crake on the RSVP envelopes and couldn't get enough of them. I was obsessed with bird stamps! Recently I started using them on some postcards I have been making.

Now I have been on the hunt for these Haiti bird stamps ever since I received one in a mixed lot of used stamps I bought so imagine my joy when I found this wee collection of 56 on eBay. What a find! I had no idea they would be in mint condition too so now I am hesitant to use them. They are sooo pretty!

These came all the way from India and cost me 175 Rupees which is around $6 NZ. Bargain!


  1. oooh these are wicked! What a score:-)

    can't wait to see your projects w/ them!

  2. oh! so pretty!
    I read very briefly in the paper today (or was it yesterday?) that stamp collecting is having a revival - jumping from 1000 sign ups a year to something like 17500!!