14 June 2009

vintage childrens' illustration art blocks

Are you all having a nice weekend? The sun is peering out through the rainclouds and streaming in through my living room blinds, so I am enjoying it while it lasts! Yesterday I made this for my little niece who turns one in August.
I purchased the art block below by Cheek Pinchy* about a year ago at Craftwerk Auckland and was instantly inspired to make my own. I am totally in love with illustrations by Richard Scarry so I started tearing up a 1970's copy of his Best Story Book Ever that I picked up for $3. I normally would treasure a find like this but it was already falling apart and had come loose at the spine!
artwork by Cheek Pinchy
It is really fun and such a cute, fast way to make art. All you need are some old childrens books, an X-acto knife (best ever for fine cutting!), cutting mat, stretched canvas blocks (I used a small 4"x4" black canvas by Das from Geoffs Emporium. They aren't the best quality so I'll probably look elsewhere next time) and glue (I used Mod Podge Gloss Lustre to stick the cut-outs down and as a seal all over the canvas).
putting it all together...
the finished product
Might get started on another one for a certain other little cutie named Jorja ...

*Couldn't find a website or blog for Cheek Pinchy but you can find Kirsten's work on toggle

* Updated Note: I know artists & craftsters are sensitive about their creations and I do not want people to think I am stealing an idea. Just wanted to make it clear that
I was merely inspired by my lovely purchase and that by no means do I intend to produce and sell these! Thanks *


  1. CUTE!!! that's gonna be adored by all:-)

    Heehee...and one for Miss J is paramount as well, lol!!

  2. love it!! so cute!
    I think I should have a go that this one =D
    gotta go book hunting!

  3. That looks great!!!

  4. Job well done, gorgeous...Yeah I reckon Kirsten should get a blog, I've wanted to link to her before as well! Hope you're good...had a bubble tea in your honour the other day! There are bubble tea bars everywhere around here X

  5. love this! might have to re-interpret it once my niece/nephew arrives!