12 October 2008

sunny days

Today has been so lovely and warm. I can't wait for summer!

On sunny days I like to take my Holga out. If you have no idea what a Holga is, it is a medium format camera. It looks and feels like it could be a toy, but it produces these fantastic, sometimes slightly blurred, dreamy shots. With every click you never know what you will get! I love digital cameras but for me there is a certain charm using a manual film camera.
Having to adjust and wind from frame to frame just makes me more aware of what I am actually doing - and capturing. I remember my Mum having an old camera with a flash you attached that looked like little icetrays!

If you want to learn more, click
here. But, beware. You may become addicted!

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite pics I have taken with my Holga. I don't take the little gem out as much as I should, but I will endeavour to this summer.

I would love to own every single camera of the lomographic family. I think a Diana might be next... x


  1. oooh gorgeous photos!

    i love when you take photos like these...so romantic and dreamy-ish.



  2. Absolutely beautiful work! You really understand the Holga and exploit its flaws wonderfully. I especially like the first image...very impressionistic like the old masters...

    from somewhere on Colorado's Continental Divide...


  3. Hey I dont know much about photography, but your photos are really cool!I cant afford to get hooked on another hobby (scrapbooker!) so Ill just watch what you do with your cameras cos these pics are just so sweet!

  4. Thanks guys!

    Matt, love your Holga pics too, especially your B+W images. I need to try some B+W film!

    Danice, I don't know much about photography either. Heh. Wish I could scrapbook like you and Nie!

  5. oh I love holgas too. A friend of mine has found a lomo that you can change the lenses apparently so you have fish eye and everything all on the one! Magic. You should have a look at helga and her holga too she's just started up her blog too and is a good friend of mine :) See you sunday!!

  6. Oh sounds great! I will have to look on the lomo site. I have a fish eye lens for my Holga but havn't used it yet. I will definately check out your friend Helga's site!