10 March 2009

go live!

My etsy shop is alive and open! I only have 2 products in there at the moment, with a modest 5 views in total (which probably includes my own 3 views? hehe).

I hope to take some more pics of stuff and add them to the shop this weekend.

Come visit here.

How is your week going?



  1. Aww..look at you and your little owlies! I've only got two items in my Etsy shop too but its all about quality not quantity dah-ling!


  2. Haha Deb! Thanks. Now I have 4 products. Yipee!

    I am going to look up your etsy shop...

    When are you free for our bubble tea date? :-) x

  3. I think you've motivated me to get off my bottom and put up more stuff up in my shop now! In a virtual world I'd like my shop to be next to yours! We could be shop neighbour buddies hahaha!

    Mmm..bubble tea...good...well are you and Niella doing Kraftbomb this month? We could go after?


  4. love them IRL..love them on Etsy.

    love you sissy. so proud of you.


  5. We totally missed out on the deadline! It slipped my mind being sick and all. To be fair to others I won't ask if they could squeeze us in. Plus Nie is busy that weekend and I have no new things to sell...
    Oh what to do?!