18 April 2011

the weekend.

Do you sometimes feel like you need another weekend to get over the weekend just been? This weekend was sort of a write off. I stayed out till 3.30am on a girls night out and didn't quite recover from it. Yep. Getting older. Oh, and I went to karaoke at the R.S.A the next night too. Ha! Wow, talk about party animal.

More excitedly I did catch a lot of cool music on the Coachella livestream on Youtube. I watched Interpol late on Saturday night and Arcade Fire last night. Uh, how cool was Arcade Fire?! Pretty fantastic I say.

Image: Google.


  1. The Arcade Fire ball drop was great! There is one for sale on Ebay, if I were a touch crazier (& richer) I might buy it and re-enact it in my own house.

  2. It's only $999 USD buy now! Just imagine. A piece of musical memorabilia. Sweaty hand prints and all. Ha!