26 October 2011

Central Park, NYC

Central Park is a sanctuary from the craziness of the NYC. It's easy to forget you entered from a concrete jungle. We sat ourselves down with a lunch from Whole Foods. I had a delicious egg salad and a spinach, feta orzo salad which I am still obsessed with to this day. If you're interested, I found this recipe which comes pretty darn close. Also took a few too many photos of squirrels. Cheeky little buggers and certainly not shy!

Doing some kind of munted pirouette under a bridge :)


  1. Love these pics sissy x0x
    How was it seeing squirrels coming out of the trees? exciting!
    Did you bring home some acorns? those are adorably sweet.

  2. They are very cute. And quick!
    No, don't think you can bring acorns into the country! Although sure I took one back to the hotel :-)