14 December 2008

the happenings of late...

I have been a busy Bee lately! Sorry no pictures this post as they would all be a blur!

So much has been going on! Work parties, making stuff for Kraftbomb, dinner outings, birthdays ... plus all the usual stuff; work, cooking, cleaning, tidying... And did I mention Christmas?! Oy.

Speaking of birthdays, I turned 27 the other day. I can't believe it! Other people don't believe it. I still look like I am 17. However, turning a year older meant I was entitled to receive my share of birthday presents, and who doesn't like presents? This year I was very spoilt. My favourite pressie was my iPod touch from hubby, which is very handy. I check my emails and the weather before I get up in the morning :-) Helps to decide what to wear. Oh, and I can check on my favourite blogs, which grow in number every day.

And Christmas. Oh Christmas, how you have crept up on us so fast. The tree is up and most of the shopping is done. We watched Elf last night too to get in the Christmas spirit. If you havn't seen it I recommend you do. If only just for Zooey Deschanel. I am such a big Zooey fan. I will have to do a Zooey post one day because I am that much obsessed!

Anyway, time to hit the hay.
Sweet dreams!


  1. well a happy late birthday to you!!!

    i also have a birthday in december.