01 August 2010

so sew.

Sew I'm (heh, see that?) a newbie at sewing. I see a lot of cute zipper purses & pencil cases at craft markets and on blogs and thought I'd try my hand at making one. Here is my first proper attempt. I'm not gonna lie, this took me nearly a whole afternoon. I had trouble figuring out what to sew where and which side was what. Stitches were ripped out and redone on more than one occasion. But I got there in the end and it doesn't look half bad. The lining is slightly bulky inside, probably because I was too lazy to measure properly. But it's passable. I even put some buttons on it before sewing up the lining which cleverly hid the stitching. Ha! Chuffed.

To you experienced ladies (or gentlemen), does it ever get easier? Will I get better at sewing in a straight line?

Thanks to twelve 22 for the tutorial, found here


  1. Looking great! Practice makes perfect, and it'll get easier each time.

  2. Can you make me one? LOL...maybe when you get more time:) I've the some sweet darling fabric for you!

    I always love your fabric.

    xx N.

    p.s do u sew the zip on before you sew everything together? i. know. I'm so simple. lol!!

  3. I sure can. When I have a whole spare day! Check out the link for instructions. You know I'm bad at explanations. Heh!