19 October 2010

melbourne, part two.

Here's some more Melbourne for you! The mobile phone edition.

Sunrise Auckland. Early morning flight.
My first macaron. The cupcake, not so nice.
Graffiti covered laneways.
The best cupcakes in my so far discovered world.
My IKEA purchases. And pencil (or two).
IKEA wrapping table. Tempted to wrap EVERYTHING.
A view from the Eureka Skydeck.
In a few weeks time I'll be flying to Samoa! Looking forward to warm sand, bumpy bus rides and sipping from fresh coconuts. I'll be sure to share pictures from my first island escape.


  1. melbourne is awesome! wish i had hitched a ride in your suitcase!

  2. Love your pics! I love the graffitti in Melbourne it's so cool and pretty (and controlled I guess). Yay for cupcakes and macaroons. Sounds like my kind of holiday! Hehe

  3. Oh Ikea wrapping table, such a bonus for girly wrapping geeks! Yep sadly NO cupcakes compare to Little Cupcakes, tried some from The Cupcake Bakery last time since those shops were everywhere, ew not yum.