09 November 2008

fuse beads

I visted the toy store yesterday (for my nieces and nephew) and ended up leaving with a toy for myself!

So I wasted much of a sunny Sunday afternoon with these..

I don't think I had these as a kid. It's super fun, you just place your plastic beads on your peg board, cover it with a piece of baking paper, iron it and hey presto!

Probably not an environmental friendly toy, but fun none the less.


  1. oh oh OHH!! so fun + supa dupa cute!!

    I want some. I need some.


  2. I'm so sorry for not replying to you way sooner re: the owl tea cosie. I think the mkt is on this wknd if you'd like me to pick one up or I can pass your name on to her? LMK

    I love your tree decorations! Have you seen the beads you spray with water instead of using an iron? Dd loves them to bits.

  3. Hi Lainie, oh yes please, I would love one if it's no trouble! I will reimburse. Could you find out the sellers details too? If they have a website or blog... thank you!

    And no I havn't seen the beads you spray with water! Where can you get them?