11 September 2009

lovely package exchange

I recently took part in the lovely package exchange hosted by oh, hello friend.

I was paired up with a lovely girl named Katie from Washington State, who I must say has been very patient. With all that has been going on lately I only just managed to get her lovely package away earlier this week. It's on its way Katie!

Well, the other day I returned from work and found this little candy striped box sitting in my letterbox. How exciting! Looks like MAF got excited too and inspected it before me.

Luckily I remembered to document the unwrapping as we are to post pics of our lovely packages on a flickr page dedicated to the exchange.

Here are just some of the items I received in my lovely package. Thanks so much Katie! I adore every single item.


  1. oh! what a fun idea!!!!
    is it too late to join in?!

  2. Sure did! Thanks Katie :-)

    Carina, this round has closed but I'm sure there will be another one soon.

  3. oh oh! how lovely!! love the packaging too. So spesh:):)