01 September 2009

moving places, new spaces

We purchased our first home less than a month ago and we just completed the mighty move. Living out of boxes for the last couple of days has been a right nuisance and I wish everything could just magically find its correct place! Oh dear, all in good time I suppose.

An exciting part of owning your own space is that you get to do it up however your heart desires. Our new place is in need of a serious makeover so I have been working on designing our new bathroom. I decided on a light oak woodgrain vanity because well, I am nuts on woodgrain! A quick flip through the Ikea site confirmed my decision. My bathroom won't be as fancy pants as these but I can certainly try, right?

all screen grabs from ikea.com


  1. hehehe gotta love ikea! Love the top one and the green!!

  2. oooh these are great ideas:) loves.

    Sooo proud of you two. So happy!!

  3. have fun decorating! and come to NZ ikea!!