16 December 2009

gocco party.

We were very lucky to be invited by our good friend Richard AKA Podgypanda for a little Gocco Party in his new studio space. I'd never seen a Gocco in action before so I was extremely interested. I whipped up some cupcakes that morning and quickly drew my print...

Food treats consisted of fresh out of the oven choc chip cookies, cocktail sausages, fairy bread, cupcakes, crackers & dip. Mmm.

Becky & Frank's print (left) very cute in a forest green, the Gocco (right)
My print - my new typewriter, drawn on a tablet in Photoshop
We tried gold for the little heart but it didn't come out that good.
But I still think it looks ok, do you?


  1. Yeah, they look awesome. Better I think than a perfect print.

  2. Coolness to the max! Gocco love...I want one...swap ya for a Diane? xoxo

  3. oh, fun! i love printmaking, but its been years (scary how time flies!) since i last had a play

  4. Marc & Bronwyn: Thank you!
    Debs: Unfortunately I don't own the Gocco! I'll gift you a print though if you like?!
    Carina: Bought a little lino square and cutter set from Gordons the other day. Remember doing them in school? Going to give it a go!

  5. No way! Your design is too cute Bee. Bring them to me:)

  6. Hi there,
    I am new to your blog - it's so sweet! And your type-writer prints are gorgeous :)

    Have been pining for a Gocco for a while... so envious!

  7. Hey I remember that machine, being used at a different booth at Armageddon haha. Also, your typewriter design is awesome! I remember having one...I sure miss the *ding slide*. Wonderful lady <3