27 February 2009

a frog in my throat

I've been a bit under the weather lately and in the last few days have been barely able to speak. After much googling of my symptoms I have self diagnosed myself with laryngitis. All the common complaints match; hoarseness, loss of voice, dry throat etc. It is suggested that one suffering from laryngitis rest their voice so this weekend I will attempt not to talk or even whisper!

For those of you interested, Kraftbomb last Sunday was very chilled out and rather quiet compared to previous months. We also missed seeing some familar faces (miss deb and ruby in the dust, sugar lemon sweetheart and lilysmakebelieve to name a few). However, we still had lots of fun as per usual and made a few sales, so that is always a bonus. We also had a nice little spot next to Lies of Anemone. Nice to meet you Lies!

Today I have been catching up on design*sponge posts. I have been especially enjoying the sneak peeks into other designers living spaces, apartments etc. Who doesn't like a nosey into other peoples personal spaces?!

It was here I found these lovely pics of Vanessa Dina's place. Her taste in furnishings and homewares are right up my alley so thought I would share a few.

(nice to see Kiwi designer sugarloop
I have a sugarloop print I adore too!)

All pics from design*sponge, view the set on flickr here

Enjoy your weekend! x


  1. awww, did you really miss me? Hope you feel better soon; we really take our voice for granted, hey. beautiful place too, I love the mix-and-match kitchen stuff and colours.

  2. Yes we did! Thanks, I am on the mend :-)

    Are you doing March KB?

  3. oh these pics look like your place! Sweet things, pretty things! swoon.

    get wellie soon darling.

  4. oh, i remember this post over at D*S. I wish I had a big window to put my bed in front of.