12 January 2009

around the world with mouk

I love, love, love illustrated children's books! I picked up this one, Around the World with Mouk by Marc Boutavant, in a nice little Napier bookshop called Beattie & Forbes (est. 1969!)

Mouk, a little bear travels the world
meeting new friends and discovering new cultures. I fell in love with the charming illustrations which I could study for hours.

Here are just a few of the places Mouk visits....

New York
Also found two sheets of vinyl stickers at the back of the book!


  1. S C O R E!!!

    Love it...it is soooo you:):)

  2. Complete score! Thanks for the nice comments about the top Bee x

    She got the label from spotlight I think? You can by them saying all sort of things. Too cute!

  3. love the illustrations! I saw this guy in some illustrators/grapic design book, and would you believe he works in Illustrator? It looks so hand-painted, can't believe it. lucky you for getting some stickers as well :)

  4. I was looking at this book at a friends a couple months ago, it really stood out from the usual kid's books. I must admit it reminded me somewhat of the Richard Scarry books with all the detailed activity in each picture.