07 January 2009

love summer holidays

Happy 2009! I have had a wonderful holiday season thus far. We have just returned from a little trip away to Napier where it was smeltering hot! We have never properly been to Napier before so it was a real treat to stay and take in the sights. The city centre is super tidy and the Art Deco buildings are amazing! It's nice to get out of the city and see other parts of our beautiful country.

So, for the next week and a bit (yes, I am still on holiday! teeheehee) I am looking forward to getting back into the crafts and since we have been without the internet whilst away, I have lots of catching up to do on FB + Google Reader! Isn't it sad how we are so internet dependant these days! Well, some of us more than others ;-).

Heres hoping 2009 will be a brilliant year!

Lake Taupo and Mt. Ruapehu in the background

Picnic-ing by Lake Taupo. Me being goofy.

Marine Parade

The view from our room

Loved this shop! Will explain why later..

Art Deco lives!

Snapper at The Thirsty Whale. Mmmm.

The West Quay

Sunrise (same view as above)

My little Civic is now having a well deserved rest after hours of driving



  1. welcome back, sounds like you had fun! I also love those Purple Patch shops, wish they had one in Auckland. Did you like your stickers? :)

  2. Thank you! I had never heard about Purple Patch before... are they all over the place? And yes I adore my stickers! You had me fooled! Hehe :-)

  3. Thankyou for your comments! I will prob end up stealing them out of gardens hehehe!

  4. Woah...looks like you had a fab time! Fav photo...you being goofy!!


  5. oh such delish pics sissy:)

    you guys both soooo needed to have a lil' holiday! awesome.