11 January 2009

Owl Tea Cosies

I just had to post these, even though I saw them months ago. Aren't they cute? I stole them from Lainies blog.

Don't you just love owls? I am making a few hanging owls for my etsy shop which I hope to commence one day... in the near future... (I move slowly.. hehe).

If you are the maker of these cuties please let me know. I would like one!


  1. oh so cute!! How much..what does the price tag say?

    I love the brown colours:):)

  2. $12!

    Quite a good price. It would take me a whole year to whip up one of those!

  3. Try two years! LOL:)

    Good price alright. All that handy work!

  4. Aww...they are too cute...i love owls...my mum has got this massive owl-anything collection so if you do find out who makes them i want one too!


  5. Sure Deb, will let you know! x